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What is Solution Focused Counseling

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  So often I hear the question “What’s Solution Focused Counseling?   The difference shows itself in 3 different areas: Goals, Counseling Relationship, and Counselor Freedom.   1) Goals Firstly, with Solution Focused Counseling we focus in on your needs … Continued

Perception and Energy

Bushido and Samurai Traditional Knowledge Perception and the Dedication to Duty Tsunetomo Yamamoto (1659-1719) was an ancient Samurai, and later a monk, who dictated his thoughts on Bushido and the Samurai code. This collection of writing, translated in the mid-20th … Continued

What is Success?

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Success is not simply the description of accomplishing a task well.  It is a state of mind which needs to permeate through the body and soul.  If we focus on the end goal, rather than the process, we will always … Continued

Relationship Needs and Wants

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Relationship Needs and Wants   There is so much advice out there about finding the perfect relationship.  Finding the right information is not as complicated as it all seems.  Let simplify some basics and make some sense of it all.   … Continued

Feelings are Temporary

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All things are temporary   We must learn that all things are temporary.  Life itself is a temporary thing.  We can be certain of very few things in this world, and the passing nature of life is one of those … Continued