Virtual Therapy Chicago

Virtual Counseling represents a shift in thinking when it comes to counseling. As technology has broadened, this new approach; online therapy Chicago has been born. To put it simply; will meet over the internet rather than in person. Consider it a new tool that can bridge the gap between counselor and client. Now, we are not limited by what services there are in our area.

We can reach out and find counselors that can specifically assist us, where ever we are in the world.

Virtual Counseling Chicago is a new movement that is removing geographic limitations and providing access to services.

We can target any service model, such as:

• Virtual Individual Counseling
• Virtual Couple’s Therapy
• Virtual Relationship Coaching
• Virtual Life Coaching
• Virtual Executive Coaching

Only the medium through which we meet will change, all other aspects of the counseling process will remain exactly the same. For instance, online marriage counseling Chicago will look and feel exactly the same as if we were completing it in the office. We will take a short term solution focused approach; assess goals and create plans to make long lasting change.

The process of beginning online counseling Chicago begins by contacting Chicago Therapy Solutions and setting an initial appointment. Remember the counseling process stays the same, only the medium in which we meet changes.