Individual Therapist & Counseling Chicago

We meet on a one-to-one basis in our Chicago office and directly address your unique needs. Our counseling in Chicago is state of the art and uses the latest techniques to help you connect to what you need to deal with in your life.

We begin by implementing the simple four point approach and construct a course of action targeting our goal. Together we will work towards creating new, and more productive, courses of action which will result you attaining the goals set at the start. Each counseling session is designed with a specific objective in mind. 

This therapy approach is didactic, interpersonal and collaborative because counseling in Chicago needs to be action-oriented and keep the interests of the client in mind at all times 

The constant monitoring of goals and maintaining a view on the desired outcome of individual counseling helps to keep the process as goal oriented as possible. This means short and very efficient overall time in therapy. We pride ourselves on creating clear operational plans which can be easily implemented in daily routines, which makes our therapist in Chicago easy to work with and your success in counseling attainable.

Dedication to the process is vital to the process and clearly linked to providing progressively powerful, highly effective results for all of our Chicago based clients. Not only is our Chicago therapist dedicated to your success and seeing you move forward, your own dedication will be bolstered with each session. Contact us to day to schedule an appointment and let us help you live your best life.