Chicago Therapist –Individual and Couples Counseling

Our approach to counseling focuses on solutions and results.

A direct and uncomplicated approach to counseling.  

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help you find effective and long lasting solutions to life challenges. 

We do this by identifying the root issue and directly mapping the most efficient course of treatment. The process is interactive and solution based, providing you with the results

What Makes Us Unique:

We provide solution focused counseling which changes the landscape of the counseling process to an interactive and dynamic relationship among client and counselor, which grows and changes with your changing needs.  

We work together to drive change forward and learn to meet goals; growing both personally and professionally.  Our only focus is to find you true solutions.  

A Simple Plan:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Identify issues impeding success
  • Teach innovative ways to eliminate obstacles
  • Practice and master skills to attain long lasting change

At Chicago Therapy Solutions, we celebrate the choice you have made to take control and find solutions in your life. Connecting with a therapist in Chicago is the first step in gaining new strength and shaping your ideal life. This counseling process is didactic and engaging, and will be a new exciting experience.

Our experience as therapists in Chicago and up-to-date knowledge in the therapy fields we practice will guide you through this learning process and give you specific tools tailored to your needs. This is the benefit of engaging in counseling in Chicago vs standard or stock self help advice. We partner with you, counselor and client and provide all the needed skills for you to attain the life you want. This powerful counseling process may present some challenges but will yield results with the right Chicago therapist.

When you go for counseling in Chicago, you’re deciding to improve your life and take responsibility for your future. Everyone has problems they must face, and the strongest people seek help from therapists in Chicago.

A couples therapist can help two people who want to make a relationship or marriage work. You came together for a reason. Let marriage counseling with a couples therapist in Chicago resurrect that reason and find new ones to stay together and re-experience the love you had. Every couple goes through rough patches. Let relationship therapy help you and your partner find common ground to enjoy each other again.

A professional couples counselor can help you and your partner generate the tools you need to help improve and endure through the rough times. Couples therapy is your way back together as a team to an improved relationship that honors your past and allows you both to move forward in a harmonious way.

At Chicago Therapy Solutions, we understand that the choice to get counseling isn’t easy. Even with today’s acceptance of therapy as a valid and valued science, people find it difficult to admit they need help. We appreciate your commitment to living your best life. Contact us today, so we can work with you to get you where you want to be in your life.

Analysis • Synthesis • Solution