What is Solution Focused Counseling

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So often I hear the question “What’s Solution Focused Counseling?


The difference shows itself in 3 different areas: Goals, Counseling Relationship, and Counselor Freedom.


1) Goals

Firstly, with Solution Focused Counseling we focus in on your needs and goals and drive each and every session to getting you there. So all good counseling will set goals and markers to those goals; solution focused counseling takes the most direct and clean path forward.

You will make progress towards your goals. You have to be ready for this change. And if you are not, just try and be honest about your fear, so we can prepare you for the inevitable shift.


2) Counseling Relationship

Secondly, the counseling relationship is a completely different experience. It is dynamic, interactive, fun, and honest experience. You can be honest, ask questions, challenge, there is no pretense, no games, just helping you fight and giving you the tools and support you need to make the change you want. We are a team, facing your problems and challenges together.


3) Counselor Freedom

Thirdly, your counselor is not tied to any one type of counseling theory. We can draw on many different theories of counseling to educate, motivate, and support. We will drive you forward with all the tools we have. This is true counseling freedom for the counselor and client. We use what works. It clean, simple, and powerful.


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