Feelings are Temporary

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All things are temporary


We must learn that all things are temporary.  Life itself is a temporary thing.  We can be certain of very few things in this world, and the passing nature of life is one of those things.

When we being the view the world with any sense of permanency, we skew our perceptions and create unrealistic states of being.  All things are transient in nature.

For instance, a building is imagined and built.  Seemingly this building, if built properly, has a very permanent quality to it.  Even though so much work and effort has gone into its construction, given a long enough time line it is still a temporary structure.  It will age and eventually be demolished for a new building to be erected in its place.

I bring this notion forward as I have witnessed a change in the way we speak and act towards each other.   We become so enthralled in our lives that we alter our own perceptions of reality and infer that the thing or situation we are experiencing has an actual permanent nature.  And while most things that occur have a nature, it will only exist for a short time.  It is birthed into existence and then stamped out right before us.

For instance, a long delay at an airport.  While we are currently being inconvenienced by a travel delay, it is not the fault of anyone we are dealing with.  It could be a weather delay, or even human error, but becoming aggravated in the instance and lashing out at the check in desk, or even our travel partner will do nothing to hasten your departure.  It is a situation with a temporary existence.  Eventually you will leave and the delay will be over.  By becoming so wrapped up into the situation you have reacted as if it is a permanent inconvenience in your life, and it is not. 

Another example is a daily occurrence, traffic.  We know the travel patterns of our daily commute, so why should we become irritated at the instance of traffic.  Even if someone is driving erratically in a dangerous situation, get out of the way and continue on your journey.  As if you will need to be behind that driver for the rest of your life.  It is a temporary inconvenience that is easily bypassed.  So why then allow someone else to dictate your mood? 

Only when two realities converge for a long period of time should thought be given to the breath of the relationship.  Nearly every other relationship we have is divergent in nature.  Coming and going into existence. 

Most important to remember is that feelings are also temporary.  However we feel in a specific moment is how we naturally assume we will feel forever.  We transplant some notion on permanency on these feelings when they are not.  Everything in our experience had showed us that we can feel many different things throughout the day.  Even if something is irritating or difficult, do not sir in the feeling; move past to resolve it so it does not occur again.  Avoid a negative feeling by taking the challenge head on.  It will past and hopefully you have seized the moment to ensure it will not occur again.