Communication issue are likely the most cited reasons people engage in counseling.  Generally, small changes in how we present ourselves and communicate can have a tremendous impact in a person’s life.  

We have all heard the phrase “It is not what you say, but how you say it”.  This is the hard and fast rule that we use in our counseling space to begin producing changes in communication from some of our earliest sessions.    

Taking a step back and realizing how we move through the world, and make others feel is powerful tool.  This insight and self awareness, which grows through the counseling process, becomes a reliable tool with which to assess and chose how to engage with everyone around us.  This interactive counseling process will push you to increase awareness and begin sharing in a different, and more productive way.  

These lessons involve some of the following:

  • When to Speak and When to Listen
  • How to address difficult subjects with your partner, boss, etc.
  • The best way to diffuse a situation
  • How to challenge without receiving defensiveness  
  • Altering your responses to produce change and get what you want  
  • Learning to increase awareness of others and their patterns

These are a small number of lessons that can be learned through counseling. 

Learning to master communication is at the heart of counseling and will benefit every aspect of your life.