Relationship Coaching Chicago

Relationship coaching is a new trend in counseling where we meet and begin guiding you towards the love you deserve. 

Dating and finding love has become more complicated with the shift in dating patterns such as the overuse and reliance on the internet and social media to meet people.  The problems rests not in this new technology, but how we present ourselves and interact with it.  Learning to create and promote your best self is a challenge that we tackle together in the counseling sphere.

Each session is directed towards finding solutions to any relationship barriers that may exist.  Most importantly, we can use the counseling processes to uncover and truly embrace your real value as a companion.

Learning to understand your true value in a relationship, finding and tailoring your true needs in a relationship and finally putting those ideas in the forefront of your search will inevitable assist you in finding the love you need, want and deserve.

We can also support and guide you through the dating process.  The landscape of dating from a sociological and psychological perspective has changes so dramatically in the past 20 years.  These shifts have fundamentally altered how we need to engage in the dating process.

Learning to navigate the new age of dating and relationships will help you find your true love.