Couples Therapy

The core of this approach is assisting couples directly address and learn to change patterns of communication and behavior that impacts the couple in a negative manner. We can assist Chicago couples by facilitating productive and appropriate dialogue which is goal directed and supportive of the overall solution desired. 

Central to a positive and lasting outcome to marital or couples therapy is confidentiality and a committed understanding to the importance of discretion. 

Often seen as a very difficult and anxiety producing therapy, effective execution circumvents these pitfalls. Central to the process is always maintaining a larger view of the goals set forth and continually directing therapeutic interventions. The compensation for which is a more supportive and satisfying relationship on multiple levels.

The right couples counselor can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful marriage counseling in Chicago. When you and your partner decide to see a couples therapist, you take an important step toward making your relationship better. Since you’re adding another person into the relationship dynamic, it’s important to find someone who makes both you and your partner feel comfortable. Couples therapy can make your relationship stronger when everyone approaches the sessions with an open mind and a memory of the love that came before. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

While there are many theoretical approaches to marital or couples counseling, choosing a brief and solution based approach helps accelerate the process and will provide you the outcomes and results you have been looking for.